My French Obsession was born from a serious case of wanderlust. 

My passion is travel, and one of the things I love about travelling is that I get to find these beautiful, unique gifts for my loved ones from places afar.

How it started

My first trip to France was with my sister. I remember getting off the plane only to find our driver had left without us, and so we jumped on a train to go to our friend Anne’s house. 

Anne was waiting for us at the train station with a beautiful posy of Lily of the Valley for each of us, as the French were celebrating May Day known traditionally as La Fête du Muguet.

We decided to hit the streets and didn’t stop walking for 12 hours, it was fantastic. The smells, sights, sounds and vibes were so different, and the winding streetscapes so beautiful and full of character paved with cobblestones. 

On each corner there were treasures to be found, with exquisite French made quality products from alluring perfumes to the finest scented soaps. Not to mention the cuisine paired with luscious champagne. 

It's easy to get swept off one's feet when surrounded with such grandeur in the smaller things.

So now my wings have been clipped from travel restrictions due to COVID-19, but I have found a way to satisfy those wanderlust yearnings. 

I still get to have conversations with strangers and I can still surprise my loved ones with beautiful things, I have just decided to do it on scale.

Anne has an eye for the fabulous and has the insider information we love, working directly with local French suppliers.

Boxes of joy

The aim of my French Obsession is to delight, inspire and surprise our customers. 

What you can expect is a seasonal gift box containing 5 or 6 carefully chosen and thoughtfully organised beautiful items from French suppliers.

purchase a box

These delightful French filled boxes can be purchased in several ways:

Online Shop

If boxes aren’t your thing, there is also a limited number of items in the shop which we have found along the way. 

If you love a niche product, you are going to love this shop of Frenchy Finds!