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Quality Aleppo Soap

Quality Aleppo soap by Karawan Authentic 

Karawan Quality 20% laurel berry soap combines a precious balance between olive and bay-tree oils. Harmoniously composed, it is a balancing care particularly for sensitive skin cleansing and is made for use on the face and body.

Olive oil provides essential fatty acids and unsaponifiable components which hydrate, nourish, sooth and soften the skin naturally. Bay-tree oil is renowned for its skin cleansing power. It also protects, nourishes, stimulates, regulates and softens the skin.

The production season starts in winter after the olives harvest, when the soap-maker masters begin to produce Aleppo soaps, following an ancient and traditional method.
Olive oil, laurel oil, water and soda are mixed together and left to cook in copper cauldrons for twenty four hours.
The mixture is then cut into rough blocks by hand. The blocks are stocked to dry and mature for nine months under the open air vault of the soap workshop.

Naturally lightly perfumed and will leave skin feeling beautiful!

For face and body 80% pure olive 20% laurel berry oil. 200g

$14.50 Inc. GST

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– Olive oil 80%, laurel berry oil 20% Aqua, Soda
– Does not contain colourings, artificial fragrances or additives


– 7oz/200g

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